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Game 2 San Antonio Rattlers 12 Apollos 5
The Rattlers really fooled the Apollos in their apperance of the first game...Gene Lucas started allowing 3 runs in two shaky innings, Jeremy Powell allowed 9 runs in 4 innings, but the problem was the Apollos offense striking out 10 times in 6 innings, killing each and every rally. The pitchers from the Rattlers were much improved from the first game...But Suddenly the Rattlers bats awoke they pounded out 14 hits and 12 runs after being beaten badly in the first game. The Apollos were never in the game, despite the wind blowing out to center field like 25 mph. Andrew Dunn had two hits including a triple scoring two runners. Tim Brown smoked a ball the 3rd baseman grabbed...The Apollos must improve their woeful offense...Hell broke loose at the end of the game, Austin Sanders argued with the umpires...Arguing is not allowed in the Communist Umpires Union of San Antonio..The Umpires quickly told Austin to close his mouth, Chris Ryan decided to tell the umpire to shut up, he was ejected. The Rattlers first baseman went crazy telling Chris to leave and he was ejected. Eric Brown struck out the end the 6th swinging at a pitch over his helmet, he threw his helmet and hollered and the umpires called the game and left the field. They sprinted to their cars...The league was very different than Liga Obrera, Coastal Baseball or Houston MSBL...After the game Eric Brown was traded to the Red Reapers of the American Division of the Coastal League. The umpires are trained at the Poland School for Umpires which means if you mouth off you are ejected...
Game 1 Apollos 14 San Antonio Rattlers 8
The Apollos won their first ever game in San Antonio MSBL against Skip Bradley and the San Antonio Rattlers. Bradley pitched 3 innings allowing 6 runs, the Apollos built a 13-0 lead behind home runs from David Hamilton and Chris Ryan. Both players first ever homers..Alex Ruiz and Austin Sanders compiled 3 hits. Jessie DeLeon started and pitched 3 innings allowing only two base runners, with a 13-0 lead the Apollos yanked Jessie..needing just three outs for a run rule. The Apollos sent Eric Brown to the mound, Eric got a flyout then walked 3 batters and hit 2 batters in a row and then gave up a hit. Brown got another flyout but with the score 13-3, the Apollos put in Andrew Dunn to try to get out of the inning. Dunn hit two batters and gave up a single allowing all inherited runners to score, Finally Matt Warren came in and got the out, leaving the score 13-7 and killing the run rule..Warren pitched the 6th three up, three down the save.