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DeLeon Labor Day Tournament Record 1-1-1
This Tournament could be a great yearly event, all teams had major problems getting players to the park for participation. The Apollos had to get guys from parking lot in game 2 and had their full team for 6 innings of game 1.
Game 3 Cataylic Converters 5 Apollos 2
The Apollos dropped the decision game in the DeLeon Labor Day Tournament to the Convertors. The Converters starter threw all 7 innings with great velocity overmatching most of the newly located Apollo hitters. Chip Oliphant made his return to the Apollo rotation he got limited support as the Convertors stole bases at will, and the infielders made errors. Amazingly the Apollos still managed to be in this game, lead by Tim Brown's 3 hits...this tournament taught alot of players that there is a large difference between metal and wooden bats. The Convertors big inning they scored 4 runs with a homer from their coach and double from their catcher. The close players went the Convertors way, the convertors are also starting a new trend in uniforms, every player wears a different color shirt. The umpiring was not the difference, the difference was the Apollos had the bases loaded 3 innings and struck out all 3 innings.
Game 2 Apollos 3 Rangers 2
Neither team did any hitting what-so-ever in this game. A miracle happened for the Apollos, Wilson Rodriguez hit a two run homer his first in his Apollos history... Wilson was picked up the day of the game when the cataylic convertors stole 3 of the players the Apollos were supposed to get. The key moment in the game seemed harmless at the time, Marcus Moore struck out with Brian Harrison on 3rd, he hustled out of the box forcing a throw to first, by doing this Harrison hustled in to score the game winning run. Andy Watson (from Bay Area Toros) pitched for the Apollos he completed dominated Rangers hitters for 6 innings leaving the after the 6th...The circus began again with Jeremy Powell he got the first out then loaded the bases, A sac fly left the score 3-2, another flyout ended the game....

Game 1 Apollos 7 Tigres Del Caribe 7
The Apollos jumped on the Tigres with 3 runs in the first, Andrew Dunn double, Tim Brown reach on error, Alex Ruiz two run homer left the game 3-0, Jay Schoreder walk, Andrew Dunn single, Mike wilson double, Victor Franklin walk, Tim Brown walk Alex Ruiz fielders choice left the score 7-3. Mike Wilson pitched a brillant 6 innings allowing only 3 runs off of home runs to the powerful Tigres Team... Jeff Daniels was called on to close the game out walk, walk, strikeout, single, home run, the game was quickly tied, Jeff managed to get the last two outs for consolation, and he did induce Epi to hit into a double play that SS didn't quite get to