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Our guestbook entries:
Name: steven
Email: stevendwales@gmail.com
Where your from: houston
Comments: Enjoyed the incredible ball on Saturday. Y'all are awesome. If we were neighbors, I'd have to hit you up for lessons. You seemed to give 100% whether it mattered or not. SW

Name: David Jackson
Email: djack232000@yahoo.com
Where your from: Ponce Puerto
Comments: Good luck on the upcoming season..............

Name: Michael McCormick
Email: michaelmccormick314@yahoo.com
Where your from: Friendswood, TX
Comments: Yo Dunn! Wanted to say "What's up" and tell you that the site looks great. I just got married Spring Break. I'm glad to see that you guy's are still winning ballgames. Strike out for me some time...

Where your from: FRESNO CA.
Comments: Yo Gabe, I googled my name and found out there was more than one of me out there. Charge the mound for me dude, but not Robin Ventura style. Peace Out. Word to all your mothers.

Where your from: GA
Comments: Does Dwayne Phaure still play with the Apollos?

Name: hunter langlois
Email: hslanglois@stgregorys
Where your from: plaquemine la
Comments: i played with the apollos the summer of 03 and it was one of the best times of my life.It helped me to get where im at today. Im at St.Gregorys University still playing ball.

Name: hunter langlois
Email: hslanglois@stgregorys
Where your from: plaquemine la
Comments: i played with the apollos the summer of 03 and it was one of the best times of my life.It helped me to get where im at today. Im at St.Gregorys University still playing ball.

Name: Mike McCormick
Email: mmccormick@brazosportisd.net
Where your from: Pasadena/Clear Lake/Brazoria County
Comments: Saying hello to Dunn and the guys. I played back in '02 for the Apollos and the Titans before. I'm actually on the site to prove to friends through the picture link that I actually used to be an athlete. Good luck fellas. By the way, Dunn, I'm coaching and teaching at Brazoswood H.S. Take care.

Name: bd
Where your from: Oklahoma
Comments: Nice Website Tinker Air Force Base Varsity Baseball Team http://www.leaguelineup.com/tinker

Name: Eric Krebs
Email: eric85922003@yahoo.com
Where your from: tomball/ACC
Comments: I was wondering what people thought about the apollos? im thinking about playin for them and wanted some opinions. Thanks

Name: Hawaii Stingrays
Email: stingrays@lilikoicandles.com
Where your from: Hawaii
Comments: Very nice site!

Name: Blake
Email: pirate_5l@yahoo.com
Where your from: Katy, Tx.
Comments: im tring to start a team of my own. im looking for any suggestions or sponsors. Please help.

Name: Ruth Whitenton
Email: babyruthya@yahoo.com
Where your from: Houston
Comments: On those occassions when I kept the scorebook for the Mighty Corndogs Baseball Club in Austin, we always tweaked the stats! Everyone knew how many errors they had committed without me rubbing it in!

Name: Lisa
Email: iliketoread7@hydromail.com
Where your from:
Comments: Happy Holidays!

Name: TEE
Where your from: Mobile
Comments: Andrew: Take good care of Caroline

Name: cd
Where your from: houston
Comments: We don't make up stats! They are legit. Come see a game and you'll understand! IF YOU CAN'T MAKE ONE, THAN JUST IMAGINE A GOOD TEAM!

Where your from: HMABL
Comments: You need to stop milking your team statbook. Your players are not that good!

Name: Mary Helen Strain
Email: johnsm8@yahoo.com
Where your from: Mobile, AL
Comments: Hey Andrew! Great website, Go Apollos!

Name: tom
Email: tom@fwmudcats.com
Where your from: Fort Worth Texas
Comments: Great Site! http://www.fwmudcats.com

Name: Travis Hood
Email: hoody005@yahoo.com
Where your from: Albuquerque
Comments: Hey Im the Centerfielder and lead off hitter #5 from the Alb. Reds and I thought you guys were a good fundamental team and should have taken that tourny.. Anyway hope we see eachother again maybe we can give you a better pitching performance than we did. Good luck in 04.. And hey we expected to see you guys in Phoenix ? Did you go and I just missed y

Name: The One
Where your from: Houston
Comments: Hey Rock... Shut the Hell up.... thanks !!

Name: The Rock
Where your from: Houston
Comments: Hmmmmm, facing elimination already? Could it be???? Good thing you don't have the Metro Astros in your division, hahaha

Name: Crickel
Email: Jickelcrik@yahoo.com
Where your from: 10 miles from Grizle town
Comments: If the crckel doesn't bickel then your jizzle has too much fizzle. But if your jizzle doesn't have enough fizzle then you can substitute with shlizzle or even some nickel. Therfore blickel crickel on the fizzle bizzle must be implied in the cosmos so energy can travel to oblivion.

Name: Snuffy
Where your from:
Comments: Awwwww, hate to see ya'll lost ruining your undefeated season. Guess you didn't have your major leaguer on the mound in that one.

Name: Monique Padilla
Email: Mpadilla@nmsu.edu
Where your from: Albuquerque,NM
Comments: Need better Pictures of Mike Austin!

Name: former apollo
Where your from:
Comments: where is the "apollos in the pro's/college" section of the site??? dunn is slackin on his pimpin

Name: METS
Where your from: HOUSTON

Name: Webmaestro
Email: webmaestro@ivillage.com
Where your from: Miami,Florida
Comments: Very nice and useful website. Please visit my website!!! :) http://www.metropolis5000.com

Name: Victor Medina
Email: Victor.Medina@cwpanama.com
Where your from: Panama
Comments: I just want to say Hi and give a big hugh to my two cousins playing for apollo, they are ABE and ISA Garcia. Best wishes from Razzzz

Name: Jerry Lipler
Email: jlipler444@hotmail.com
Where your from: Nashville
Comments: Nashville Baseball is also great. www.nashvillesoundsbaseball.com www.soundsbaseball.com

Name: Vanessa
Email: rosanessa03@aol.com
Where your from: Corpus Christi, Texas
Comments: Good Luck Apollos. I would like a schedule of your games. If you could send me a one that would be great. rosanessa03@aol.com

Name: Vanessa
Email: rosanessa@aol.com
Where your from: Corpus Christi, Texas
Comments: I think you site is cool. I hoope to come and see the team soon. I wish you'll the best of luck. A special hello to Mike Estrada, I hope your doing good. Miss you lots. Go Apollos!!!

Name: Jose Gonzalez
Email: jgonza@browns.nfl.com
Where your from: Cleveland, OH
Comments: Nice site...great to see Marcos can still hit! He learned it all from me...and the C-Town Playas!

Name: Heatmeister
Where your from: Alberta canada
Comments: Im lookin for a team to play when i move to Clear lake in the summer. I played colle baseball in Montreal and was drafted by the Mets in the 5th round. I was released a year ago and now want to play for fun. Do you have room for me?

Name: the L
Email: Lucifer4587@hotmail.com
Where your from: Houston
Comments: great website! found it off dogpile in doing a search on that local "bad ass" pitcher, dutka. pretty impressive cat! xoxo! the L

Name: Paul Kular
Email: PSKular@aol.com
Where your from: Phoenix, Arionza
Comments: This message is for Dwayne Phaure. Yo PHAURE...WHAT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I moved to Arizona, call me....617-359-0784.

Name: Doug Fisher
Where your from:
Comments: Trahan, I was a junior at Hastings when you were a freshman. I thought I recognized your name.

Name: Alex Dutka
Email: ----------
Where your from:
Comments: No problem Trahan. And as soon as i get a card i'll sign it and send it to ya. But hey its not like Vero Beach,FL for spring training is all that. wouldn't you rather be here playing for the the awesome Dunn... oh by the way, I struck you out Drew !!

Name: David Trahan
Email: Traheat94@aol
Where your from:
Comments: Congrats Alex! Good luck with the Dodgers. Say hi to Nomo and Gagne. Who is Body By Queso??

Name: anonymous
Where your from:
Comments: Response to "Body By Queso".... instead of Baylor or Tulane he went to the Naval Academy, then Alvin Community College. What is your name? You play ball there at Hastings?

Name: Body By Queso
Where your from:
Comments: Ya, I went to Hastings and thought his name looked familiar. Did he play college ball anywhere?

Name: anonymous
Where your from:
Comments: Trahan is from Santa Fe and went to Hastings for a year. Did you go to Hastings?

Name: Body By Queso
Where your from: Vietnam
Comments: Is David Trahan from Santa Fe and did he ever go to Alief Hastings High?

Name: Nate
Email: nate@nate.com
Where your from: houston
Comments: I am Nate the worst umpire in history of mankind. I like to see how many people I can get mad, I miss obvious tags, sometimes I give teams 4 outs in an inning

Name: Marcos Quinones
Where your from: San Diego
Comments: Are you bunch of candy asses going to win 10 games this season. There is no way your uni's look like the ones on the front page, if so I might have to quit my job and try out for the Apollos.

Name: Bud Selig
Where your from: Wilwaukee, WI
Comments: Based on the team's poor performance & incompetence of front office management, the other team owners have voted to contract the league city titans. All Titans players' will be dispersed throughout local little league franchises where their contracts will be purchased by overbearing fathers/coaches for a six pack of their Miller Genuine Draft.

Name: chris gieselman
Email: scoopandahalf@yahoo.com
Where your from: houston
Comments: had y'all borrowed squires from the hurricanes, instead of that candy ass, bobo, you'd probably have been crowned champions for the summer seaso

Name: Concerned Titan fan
Email: concernedfan.com
Where your from: Brazoria County area
Comments: Dear Mr. Vela, I really don't believe Mike McCormick gets enough run on your website for the job he does behind the plate. He should be mentioned as atleast co-defensive MVP almost every game. Catching is an extremely tough job and he gives 110% every game. Yeah, I know he likes to at times drop balls, forget signs, throw balls into left field, give the same signs over and over (2-1-3), etc. etc. but when he does a good job and intimidates the other team like he does, then dammit! give him his props! And what the hell, why wasn't his head first slide mentioned! That's what I call sacrifice! Anyway, and what happened to Josh McCormick's brilliant pictures taken the last game he was there! Good luck this season, Concerned Titan fan

Name: Umpire Bill (Rockies game Monday night)
Email: Upyours.com
Where your from: Houston
Comments: Chris Vela, if you ever call me a sorry sawed-off, cracker motherf***er again I'll beat you like we did at the Alamo,oh, err, we lost there didn't we, but we did kill like 2,500 Mexicans, but not according to Robert Flores. Any way, next time you call me that I'll beat you like you stole something, because I'm sure you have! You'll never blow a McCormick save in this town again! Umpire Bill

Name: Ron Jeremy
Where your from: Hollywood, CA
Comments: Hey dave- Sorry about giving you that sore on your mouth. What's Jenna's #?

Name: Jenna Jameson
Where your from: Porn, USA
Comments: If Dave was not up to his best this season it was because he started a new carrer and it takes quite a bit out of him. P.S. I hope your lip is better and sorry for not telling you about it, I thought it had gone away.