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Apollos in New Orleans
Pictures here
The tournament was a disaster for the Apollos after dominating all three qualifying games, the Apollos had 8 players show up for the start of the semi-final game, 5 players didn't show up. Will Wade was named Apollo MVP, he hit three massive bombs including one that almost sent the semi final game into extra innings.
Game 4 Semifinals East Atlanta Expos 10 Apollos 9
This game was a complete disaster for the Apollos from the jump as they began the game with 8 players (4 pitchers). By the bottom of first inning the Apollos had 10 players but no middle infielders and only one outfielder. The Apollos put the best team they had on the field but disaster was soon to come. Russell Revere started for the Apollos surrendering 6 runs in three innings. He walked 4 but had several errors, The Apollos committed a record 12 errors in this game. Craig Castello attempted to play shortstop and Chris Dornaby attempted to play centerfield both cost the Apollos dearly. Amazingly the Apollos were in this game throughout. After trailing 3-0, they quickly scored 2 runs, again after trailing 6-2, they made it 6-4, and when down 10-5 the Apollos made their move. With time expired and the Apollos needing 5 runs to tie. The Expos pitched walked Matt Zajac and Andrew Dunn. Sonny Terrazas singled in Zajac and Will Wade hit a three run homer to make score 10-9. Now the Apollos had thie 4-5-6 hitters up and no outs. But all three hitters flew out near the warining track to end the game. Atlanta would go on to win tournament. 5 Apollos didn't show for the game and they will not be listed.
Game 3 Apollos 12 Baton Rouge Outkast 4
The Outkast proved to be the Apollos best opponent in prelimary round the score was 6-3 after 5 innings. The Apollos broke the game open in the final innings. They were lead offensively by Will Wade with Solo homer with 2 runs scored. Andrew Dunn 3-4 with 3 steals and Tommy Denson 2-2 with three runs. Chris Castello pitched the entire nine innings running into several jams but escaping everytime..
Game 2 Apollos 21 Ponchatrain Pirates 0
Bob Pfaff hit HRs and every Apollo scored, including 9 runs in the top of the first. JT Thompson pitched 6 innings for the win.
Game 1 Apollos 11 Long Island Philles 4
The Apollos took a 10-0 lead into the 7th inning before allowing 4 runs on errors in the last inning. Russell Revere completely dominated the Phillies only allowing one scoring opportunity, He was removed after 4 innings and replaced by Josh Kurkstain who shut out the Phillies for 4 innings with his knuckleball before allowing 4 in the last inning. Will Wade hit a tremendous bomb that easily cleared Southeastern's fences. Chris Fritz had several key hits.