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Championship Game Apollos 11 Westchase Express 2
The Apollos had clinched the #1 seed in the playoffs and were supposed to play the Bengals again, however Westchase beat the Blue Wave, Arizona in tie-breaker and then turned around and beat Friendswood Bengals. Westchase had an entirely different team than the team the Apollos had seen twice. They were loaded with speed and had two new quality pitchers. The wind was blowing in from right field at a brisk pace and this turned out to be against the Apollos. The Apollos sent the great Mike Wilson to the mound in hopes of winning his 6th championship game. The game was 0-0 through the first two innings, In the third inning with two outs Westchase's pitcher walked two hitters to load the bases, Andrew Dunn singled in two runs. Mike Wilson then crushed a baseball that the speedy left fielder caught wrapping around the foul pole. Any other team would have never came close to this ball. Another other day the ball would have been 50 ft over the fence. The game remained 2-0 into the 5th, when Austin Sanders and Phillip Farmer each made errors and a sacrifice fly scored a run for Westchase. The wind caught the Apollos again, after Andrew Dunn singled to lead off the 5th, Mike Wilson crushed a ball to right field, however with the wind it was caught. Andrew Dunn was doubled at 1st. Wilson was steadily dominating Westchase hitters on the mound he struck out 8 hitters and got out of every jam when needed. In the 6th their starter tired and walked the bases loaded with no outs. They went to the bullpen and the Apollos would score 10 runs in the inning. Leo Delgado's jam shot single went through the infield scoring two with the bases loaded. The Apollos won their 25th championship and claimed both regular season and post season championship..They were lead offensively by Tim Brown and Andrew Dunn. Mike Wilson was named team MVP, despite the huge season Tim Brown had Wilson's pitching against Bengals/Westchase lead the Apollos to Championship.
Game 8 Apollos 13 Westchase 3
The Apollos hammered Westchase 13-3 to end the season. Eric Cantrell and Mike Wilson pitched, Leo Delgado did the damage with his bat..
Game 7 Apollos 7 Arizona Sun 2
The Apollos avenged their only loss of the season by hammering the Sun 7 to 2. Luke Cowan pitched 3 innings allowing 2 runs, Andrew Dunn pitched the final 4 innings not allowing a run. Tim Brown continued to pace the team offense. This win clinched the #1 seed in playoffs.

Game 6 Apollos 4 Bengals 3
Mike Wilson pitched 7 innings and completely dominated the Bengals, he struck out 12 hitters and got out of the few jams he was in...This was huge because the Apollos were limited offensively and started the game with 8 players. The Apollos 5-8 hitters went 0-16 with 8 strikeouts. Tim Brown continued his Fall season hitting with a huge bases loaded single driving in two runs... Austin Sanders had the other key rbi single and Sanders stole 2nd forcing a bad throw in the outfield scoring the other run. Phillip Farmer arrived late at the game but got a single and scored along with Andrew Dunn on Brown single...the Apollos took a 4-0 into the bottom of the 8th which was the last inning... Eric cantrell walked the first two batters, then struck out a batter, Austin Sanders made a key error that could have been a double play, the next hitter hit a line drive off Sanders arm and Mike Wilson had to come in and get the final out... letting the Apollos escape with a 4-3 win. The Apollos appear to be on track to win Fall regular season title with this win.

Game 5 Apollos 13 Westchase Express 3
The Apollos got a huge spark from Adan Moody who had a bases loaded double and a key 2 rbi single to lead the Apollos. Tim Brown homered. David Dorner started on the mound but run into trouble he allowed 3 runs in 3 innings. Eric Cantrell came on and pitched 3 scoreless innings and AJ Fentana also pitched a scoreless inning.

Game 4 Apollos 21 Coastal Blue Wave 0
Ona gloomy day at Coastal Baseball Park the Apollos faced the Blue Wave who must have thought the game was canceled, they showed up with 7 guys and borrowed a couple from the earlier game to get 9. Andrew Dunn/Russell Revere/David Dorner combined a 7 inning 2 hit shutout. Dunn (4 ip, 6k, 1 h) Revere (2 ip , 3k), Dorner (1 ip, 2k, 1 h). Offensively Adan Moody, Tim Brown, Andrew Dunn had three hits for the Apollos.
Game 3 Arizona Sun 9 Apollos 5
The Apollos only had 7 players and manager Andrew Dunn made a huge mistake accepting a player out of the stands (Orin). By playing with 7 you must take an automatic out with 8 the batter at least stands in the box. This game was amazing close with Cody Kemmerling on the mound, he struck out 6 in 4 innings... But the Sun hit two inside the park home runs to vacant parts of the outfield. Kemmerling left the game with score 5-4 in the 5th. Andrew Dunn came on and got and error ball and three walks and a strikeout. David Dorner came on after this and got two outs. But the Sun had a 9-4 lead. The Apollos had no hitting to score runs past their three hitter. Andrew Dunn had three hits. David Dorner, Tim Brown hit the ball solid, but Arizona quickly realized this and pitched around these hitters. This loss puts Arizona, Friendswood and Apollos.
Game 2 Apollos 15 Coastal Blue Wave 1
The Apollos pounded the Coastal Blue Wave. Andrew Dunn had 5 hits, Mike Wilson had 3 hits including a homer. Leo Delgado had 4 hits. Luke Cowan pitched 6 innings allowing one run. Andrew Dunn and Mike Wilson each pitched a scoreless inning.
Houston Apollos 11 Friendswood Bayou Bengals 7
The Apollos finally opened their fall season with an 11-7 win over the Bayou Bengals in which Tim Brown hit for the cycle with 5 rbi's. Mike Hamerlin, Austin Sanders made their Apollo debuts. Hamerlin had 2 hits. Cody Kemmerling (younger brother of Donald) and David Dorner made their returns to the Apollos after several year layoffs. Kemmerling is a pitcher who struck out 6 in 3 innings and dominated Bengal hitters. Luke Cowan started the game and pitched well but the Apollo defense made 5 errors in the 3rd inning allowing 5 Bengal runs. The team made a record 13 errors, but Tim Brown's key three run homer pulled out the game. Andrew Dunn scored three runs and had 2 hits. Dave Dorner picked off two runners. The Apollos also got solid play from Bob Pfaff and AJ Fentana and Paul Johnson.