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Game 11 Apollos 15 Westchase 6
After the longest layoff in team history the Apollos made their debut at Rasmus Park with Wooden Bats against Westchase. Jarrell Smitherman threw 4 innings of scoreless ball with Apollos leading 5-0 after 4 innings. Tim Brown attempted to pitch and surrendered 6 runs in an inning. The Apollos scored 10 runs in the bottom of the 6th and Matt Warren struck out the side to preserve the win. Warren also had two key hits, Andrew Dunn had 4 doubles, Tim Brown had a homer hit the light pole that the umpire must have missed

Game 10 Friendswood Bengals 8 Apollos 7
The Apollos struggled getting players to this Saturday Showdown with the Bengals. Earlier in the day the Bengals lost to the White Sox giving the Apollos the regular season championship regardless of outcome. The only offensive hope the Apollos had was 1-2-3-4 batters, Dunn/Ondrey/Carroll/Brown... The 5-6-7-8-9 batters combined to go 0-17 with 8 k's and not a single base runner. Amazingly the Apollos almost won this game. Andrew Dunn lead the game off with a double, Ryan Ondrey bunted for a single Robert Carroll got hit leaving the bases loaded with no outs, the Apollos only scored one run. Marcus Moore pitched 2 innings allowing 7 runs unable to escape the 5th. Isiah Villarel came in and struck out all three batters he faced in consective order. The Apollos trailed 8-4 going into the 7th needing 4 to tie. Andrew Dunn reached, Ryan Ondrey reached, Robert Carroll hit a 3 run homer. Tim Brown singled stole 2nd/3rd but Austin Moore and Hugo Arenas struck out to end the game.

Game 9 Apollos 12 Friendswood 2
This game served as a game for the regular season championship. Friendswood was 5-1 the Apollos were 6-1-1. The Apollos pitched Jarrell Smitherman 6 innings and he struck out 7 Bengal Hitters only allowing 2 runs.. Marcus Moore pitched the 7th and 8th striking out 5 hitters. Tim Brown carried the Apollos offense hitting three doubles, and driving in 5 runs. Matt Warren made his metal bat Apollos debut and hit the first pitch he saw over the left field fence. Ryan Ondrey caught both ends of the doubleheader and scored three runs in this game. He got on base 10 out 11 times in a doubleheader. Bob Pfaff played 2nd base in the Doubleheader and responsed by going 2-11 at the plate. Friendswood made about 5 errors that extended the score from 6-1 to 12-1
Game 8 Apollos 23 Team Freeport 1
It was a hit parade against Team Freeport. Andrew Dunn had 4 hits, Ryan Ondrey set a team record with 5 walks in one game and reached base all 6 times. Tim Brown hit a 3 run homer. Steven Yurchick hit 2 doubles and reached base all 5 times. Austin Moore reached base all 5 times. Marcus Moore reached base all 5 times. Isiah Villareal pitched 4 innings allowing one run. Chris Ryan pitched the 5th inning walking 3 batters but not allowing a run.

Game 7 Apollos 4 Warriors 4
The Apollos escaped their final game at Strawberry Park with a 4-4 tie with the Warriors. Jarrell Smitherman pitched 6 innings for the Apollos striking out 15 batters and didn't walk a batter. Jarrell pitched one of the best outings in Apollos history. Unfortunately for the Apollos Alex Sample was left to pitch the 7th and the 8th. Sample came in with high confidence struck out the first batter in the 7th, then hit the next batter and gave up a home run to the next batter leaving the score 4-3. In the bottom of 8th what was the last inning, Sample gave up a lead off hit, then struck out a batter, walked a batter, struck out a batter on a controversial 3-2 check swing. Then he gave up a hit in between Short and 3rd that allowed the tieing run to score. The Warriors for some reason tried to win the game by sending the runner home who was thrown out at the plate to end the game. The Apollos had only 5 position players at the game and had pitchers at ever other position and it hurt badly. The key play in the game was with the score tied at 1-1 in the 5th and two outs Andrew Dunn hit a line drive directly at the shortstop. Marcus Moore screened the shortstop so he couldn't see and the ball went into the outfield for a double scoring Moore. Robert Carroll hit the next pitch out of the park leaving the score 4-1. Alex Sample blew the save and the game for the Apollos who were lucky to escape with a tie.
Game 6 Apollos 12 Katy Braves 6
The Apollos scored 11 runs in the first inning off the Katy Braves, Alex Ruiz had 5 rbi's with a double a triple and a walk, Isiah Villareal threw 3 innings allowing 1 run, Andrew Dunn threw a scoreless inning, Ryan Ondrey threw an painful inning walking numerous batters and allowing a run. Marcus Moore gave up three runs in the 7th. this game made several key milestones, This was the Apollos 200th metal bat victory. Isiah Villareal became the Apollos all time strike leader, he has struck out in 86% of his at bats. With the bases loaded in the first inning he got his first ever hit.

Game 5 Apollos 10 Warriors 6
The Apollos and Warriors played Coastal Baseball's first ever game at Strawberry Park in Pasadena. The Apollos were again lead by Jarrell Smitherman who struck out 11 batters in 5 innings. He gave up two home runs in the tiny 300 foot outfield fence but managed to pitch an excellent game. Alex Sample pitched a scoreless 6th. Jason Whitson came on in the 7th and have problems with two walks and two errors and allowed two runs. The bases were loaded with one out when the Apollos went with Marcus Moore, he got out of the inning and stayed in to pitch the 8th for his first ever Apollo save. The Apollos adjusted to the field with a giant street light in the pitchers release point in center field. The went to the power game with 3 homers accounting for 6 of their runs. Mike Estrada played excellently defensively making numerous key plays he hit a huge 2 run homer in the first inning. Marcus Moore also doubled and homered. Robert Carroll hit a big three run homer. Robert Nichols, Chris Ryan and Russell Revere returned for the Apollos. The Warriors have a very solid team with a good bullpen and good offense.
Game 4 Apollos 18 Westchase Express 2
The Apollos set a team record with 3 triples in one game. Steven Yurchick had two triples and Roy Sanchez had the 3rd. Robert Carroll went 4-5 with homer. Manny Lujan hit his seasons first homer. Mike Estrada made his first Apollos appearence in 3 years, hitting 2 sacrifice flys and turning a clean double play. Jarrell Smitherman pitched 4 innings allowing 1 run striking out 5. Andrew Dunn pitched the final two innings allowing 1 run striking out 3.
Game 3 Apollos 10 Metro Astros 3
Jarrell Smitherman struck all 8 batters in 2-1/3 inning and Marcus Moore and Alex Ruiz had two key hits for the Apollos as they beat the Metro Astros in what was a closer game than the score appeared. The Apollos started small with Russell Revere and Andrew Dunn sacrificing runners in scoring position for Alex Ruiz and Marcus Moore to drive them in. The game was 2-1 in the 3rd inning with 2 outs and the Astros batting when the Apollos put in Jarrell Smitherman.. Earlier in the day Jarrell had took the time to repair the mound. He responsed by striking out 5 consective batters. Every out he recorded in 2-1/3 innings was via strikeout. Russell Revere started and threw two scoreless innings. Jason Whitson came on in third walked two batters got a lineout, the Adan Moody threw a sure double play into the outfield allowed the Astros a run. Whitson would strike the next batter out, Smitherman came on and struck out the last batter the kill the threat.. The Apollos would add another run in 4th and two more in 5th. Manny Lujan continued to help the offense drawing 3 walks ahead of hot hitting Alex Ruiz.

Game 2 Apollos 14 Southbelt Sox 2
The Apollos showed up to Schwartz Park with 5 pitchers and a full load of position players. Ryan Ondrey lead the way for the Apollos. In the 1st inning he had a 2 rbi single. In the 3rd inning he had an rbi groundout. Leaving the score 3-2. The Apollos broke the game open in the 5th with 8 runs. Andrew Dunn had 3 rbi's on two hits. Alex Ruiz had three hits and scored 3 runs, including his first ever recorded triple. Jason Whitson collected his first ever hit. The change for the Apollos was on the mound. Jason Whitson tamped and fixed the mound before the game. Alex Sample started and threw 2 innings not allowing a base runner or hit. Jason Whitson threw the third hitting a batter and giving up a two run homer which would be the Sox only scoring chance for the night. Marcus Moore threw the 4th and the 5th striking out 3. Jarrell Smitherman threw the 6th striking out the side. Russell Revere threw the 7th striking out the side.

Game 1 Baytown 7 Apollos 5
The Apollos took to the field in their first night game in over a year at Schwartz Park. Schwartz was in the worst condition ever remembered. The Apollos were down in this game from the beginning, Jarrell Smitherman started and walked 6 batters in 1-1/3 innings. Although getting close with all batters and many with full counts Jarrell was just off of the strike zone. Alex Sample came in with the bases loaded and one out in the 2nd and got a huge double play ball turned by Jesse. Sample would pitch three more scoreless innings not allowing a hit. Jesse made two unbelievable plays in a rown in the 3rd inning. Despite being down 4-0 the Apollos came back and took a 5-4 lead with 1 run in the first two runs in the third and a run in the 4th and 5th. The Apollos had a 1 run lead and brought in Russell Revere. Russell would give up three runs in the 6th, despite striking out the side in the 7th. Baytown went to their bullpen in the 3rd with bases loaded and one out and got out of a jam when the Apollos could have broken the game open. Offensively the Apollos had problems, Manny Lujan lead the way with 3 walks. Bob Pfaff and Andrew Dunn had two hits. The entire team had only 6 hits, Baytown had only 4 hits.