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Playoffs Game 3 Baytown 7 Apollos 5
The Apollos spoiled an excellent pitching performance by Bob Pfaff 7 innings (3 earned runs), Roy Sanchez 2 innings (0 earned runs). The problem was a shortage of offense. Bob Pfaff went 1-4 with three strikeouts and 4 runners left on base. Alex Ruiz hit a home run that was 4 feet foul that would have turned things around, instead he left runners on base. The Apollos left the bases loaded in the 3rd, 4th and 8th innings, never getting big hits, Abe Garcia had two quality hits. Baytown didn't hit any better, however the Apollos infield defense suffered. Manny Lujan and Abe Garcia combined for 4 errors in two innings which helped to allow 4 Baytown runs. Roy Sanchez was playing first base and he didn't either of them with his cement hands on balls in the dirt and failure to stretch. The Apollos only remained in the game those two innings with great inning ending catches by Marcus Moore and Andrew Dunn, both with two outs and the bases loaded, the Apollos loaded the Bases in the 8th and Marcus Moore struck out, and then Roy Sanchez hit a ball that was 10 foot short of the fence. The Apollos end their season as regular season champions of top division.

Playoffs Game 2 Apollos 10 Baytown 8
AJ Fentana took control of the game when the Apollos had no one else to turn to. He had two hits and reached base all 5 times. Isiah Villareal started and threw 3 scoreless innings then couldn't get out of the 4th and left the game with the score 6-5 and men on 2nd and 3rd. AJ came on and got outs. The Apollos then turned to a bunting game that ultimately proved to be the difference. Tim Brown was hit by pitch with a tie game in the 7th. He stole 2nd. Brockman bunted down the 3rd base line and Baytown's pitcher threw the ball away scoring Brown. Brandon then singled to centerfield. Andrew Dunn singled off the pitchers ankle. leaving the score 9-7. The Apollos got their critical 10th run, when an attempted pickoff threw hit Dunn in the foot scoring Brandon. Alex Sample had a key Sac Bunt that moved AJ into scoring position in the 6th, Bob Pfaff knocked the run in on a fielders choice. MAtt pitched the final two innings for a huge save.
Playoffs Game 1 Baytown 15 Apollos 8
With no Mike Wilson, Chris Ryan or Russell Revere. The Apollos sent veteran starter Bob Pfaff to the mound for Playoffs Game 1. Bob responsed well pitching 5 innings allowing 5 runs. He left with the Apollos leading 6-5. Russell Revere was due to pitch the back half of the game but had arm problems and could not go. This left the Apollos with Alex Sample to pitch. Sample gave up three runs in each the 6th , 7th and 8th to end any chance the Apollos would have for a sweep. Isiah Villareal came on with bases loaded in the 8th and gave up a grand slam to end any chance at all the Apollos had at winning. Sample walked 5 batters and gave up 7 hits. The Apollos controlled this first half with of the game with a 6-2 lead, but left the bases loaded in the 1st, 3rd and 4th innings, The big blow was Abe Garcia's 4th inning Grand Slam. Alex Ruiz had a single, double and triple. AJ Fentana reached base 4 times, Andrew Dunn reached base 5 times with 2 hits. Bob Pfaff had two hits. Manny Lujan did not appear to the game on time, Roy Sanchez struck out two times with bases loaded in his place. The Apollos had 13 hits and only managed 8 runs.

Game 11 Apollos 11 Ramones 7
Alex Ruiz hit two, two run home runs to lead the Apollos to an 11-7 victory over Ramones. Isiah Villareal pitched 6 innings allowing only two runs with his solid curve ball, Roy Sanchez also homered and scored two runs. Kyle Spangler had three hits including a double off the fence. Adan Moody and Roy Sanchez made huge base running errors that prevented the Apollos from getting into rule run position.. Anthony Vallejo played solid shortstop and had two hits.

Obrera All Star Game North(Rojo) 15 South(Azul) 12
For the second year in a row the Apollos had the best record in their confrence at the all-star break. This year the Apollos were on the North team and had to wear red, despite being from South and wearing all blue. The Apollos wore White Sleeveless Jerseys. Andrew Dunn was the manager, Manny Lujan played 2nd base, Alex Ruiz was the starting catcher. The biggest Apollo contributor was Roy Sanchez was pitched 2-2/3 innings and was named the games winning pitcher. The starters were Oscar Golden (CF Rangers)/Edgar (SS Mexico)/Steven (1b Mexico)/Manny Lujan (2b Apollos)/Alex Ruiz (C Apollos)/Garrett Welch (LF/Baytown)/ Brian(RF/Baytown) / Chuy (3b Indios) / Guillermo Medina (DH Tigres) Chip Olipant (P Baytown). The North took a huge 5-0 lead in the first inning with a homer from Team Mexico's Edgar, A walk to Steven, a walk to Alex, then 4 hits in a row from Garrett,Brian, Chuy, Medina. They added to the lead in the 2nd scoring two more runs on Stephen's double, Alex's walk and Garrett's fielders choice. In the third Medina hit a 2 run homer leaving the score 9-0, Chip Olipant pitched three scoreless innings and people began to question whether to call the game. A rule was put in place a pitcher could only pitch 3 innings and Chip was removed for another Baytown fireballer named Fernando. Fernando walked 4 batters before he got an out finally striking out a batter. He then gave up consective hits and after an error the score was 9-5 he was removed for Roy Sanchez with 1 out and the bases load. Chuy and Manny Lujan each took turns throwing grounds balls into the dugout leaving the score tied at 9-9 after 4 innings. Roy got out of the jam and pitched the 5th and the 6th allowing only one more run. The North bombed the pitcher from Outkast in the 4th. Pinch hitter Ike from the Yucatan got a key lead off hit and after a George Rivera Walk, Chuy got a key 2 rbi hit. Edgar doubled in the rest of the runners leaving the score 14-9. Ike scored another run in the 5th on a Medina single leaving the score 15-10. The Colt 45's pitcher came in for the north and gave up one run but all was saved by a game saving catch by Ike in centerfield that could have been a three run homer and changed the game.. Chuy pitched the 8th and 9th allowing one run but getting out of games for the North Victory. MVP (Chuy Indios)

Game 10 Apollos 7 Yucatan 2
Chris Ryan made final Apollos start throwing another 3 scoreless innings. Andrew Dunn went 4-5 scoring 2 runs to lead the Apollos offense. Aj Fentana was the large player on Sunday getting two large hits worth 3 rbi's and pitching 5 scoreless innings. Mike Wilson didn't show up, he drove around for hours and hours and reportedly couldn't find DeLeon Park. The Apollos played at DeLeon Park the week before. The umpiring is getting worse every week, it is unbiased one sided strike zones against the Apollos. Yucatan's pitcher was very good pitching with his change up, Tim Brown and Abe Garcia got key rbi hits. The Apollos had a 7-0 lead in the bottom of the 9th when Isiah Villareal gave up his team record 4th homer of the year. The Panamian infield connection (Manny Lujan made 4 errors, Abe Garcia 1 error and Roy Sanchez 1 error) combined for 6 errors. None of the runs scored.
Apollos 9 Tigres Del Caribe 8
The Apollos got a 40 degree game at 10:00 AM at DeLeon Park against the Tigers of the Carribean. The Apollos won the coin toss and elected to visitors... This moved proved huge... as the Tigers starter walked the 1st three batters of the game and then gave up a single to Alex Ruiz, and then double to AJ Fentana Mike Wilson hit a 2nd inning two run homer and Tim Brown's 3rd inning bunt left the score 7-0. Chris Ryan started for the Apollos and had plenty of time to warm up, he pitched three scoreless innings. Dazzling the Tigers Fastball hungry hitters with one offspeed pitch after another. Mike Wilson came in the 4th inning and quickly got the first two outs of the inning, then gave up two solid hits and then a 3 run homer. The Apollos offense completely stopped. Wilson pitched a scoreless 5th and then got hammered for another three hits and another 3 run homer in the 6th. He gave up a run in the 7th and left the game tied entering the 8th. Anthony Vallajo singled, Chris Ryan walked, Anthony Mason popped up a bunt attempt. Runners moved up on a passed ball. Andrew Dunn hit a sac fly to left. The Tigers then intentionally walked Mike Wilson and Manny Lujan came through with a clutch single scoring Mason. This proved to be the winning run. Anthony Vallajo pitched to one batter in the 8th and was removed after walking him. Isiah Villareal came on and pitched brillantly, He allowed the inherited run to score then got out of the inning with no runs allowed. He then struck out the first two batters in the 9th and got the Tigers best hitter to fly out to end the game. The Apollos did not make an error and despite walking 6 batters. They were outhit by the Tigres but came out with the win. The Tigers error on the bunt made the difference in the game. The Apollo batters struck out a record 13 times getting only 10 hits. Somehow the Apollos held on to win.

Game 7 Apollos defeat Colt 45's on forfeit

Game 6 Rangers 5 Apollos 2
The Apollos returned to the diamond after a month layoff to face the Rangers. Mike Wilson pitched 6 innings of great baseball. He allowed only 1 run, this run scored when he tried to pick off a runner at 2nd base and threw the ball in the outfield. He left the game with a 1-1. Isiah Villareal came on in the 7th, walked a batter then gave up a homer to the leagues HR leader. In the 8th Isiah showed his consistancy walking another batter and giving up another homer leaving the Apollos down 5-2. The Apollos loaded the bases several times, but got no key hitting from Andrew Dunn/Manny Lujan/Mike Wilson/Alex Ruiz who left countless runners on base. The Apollos defense was flawless and Manny Lujan had the only bright offensive spot with a solo homer. Mike Wilson pitched a great six innings.
Game 5 Apollos 12 Team Mexico 10
Mike Wilson lead the way for the Apollos going 2-3 with 3 walks. He hit a two run homer in first inning and had a key 2 rbi double. Mike also pitched the last 5 innings for the win. Manny Lujan hit a key three run homer and played solid shortstop. Isiah Villareal started and got hit around very well allowing 8 runs in 4 innings, leaving the Apollos down 8-3 when he left, the Apollos rallied back with key hits by Tim Brown who did a great job in centerfield and protecting Mike Wilson (who they started to walk) in the lineup. The game was tied at 10 entering the 8th inning. When the Apollos scored two runs. Alex Ruiz walked, Mike Wilson doubled and Tim Brown came up with game winning single scoring both. Team Mexico's 2nd baseman had 8 of the teams rbi's, he hit the fence twice in left field with the bases loaded and had a single scoring two more. The wind was blowing out to left field about 25 mph. The Bottom of the Apollos lineup was dreadful with many players out for holidays 10 strikeouts for the 6-7-8-9 hitters. This concludes the Apollos season for 2009. They are 4-1 in the north division.
Game 4 Apollos 12 Lobos 3
The Apollos faced a tough task with their yearly game with Lobos who came into the game in first place with a 4-0 record. The Apollos changed the entire back half of their lineup and it payed off large. Mike Wilson had 4 rbi's including a two run homer to center. Manny Lujan had 4 rbi's with two doubles. Ryan Ondrey had a key 2 rbi single. Abe Garcia went 3-4, AJ Fentana and Ryan Ondrey played well defensively on the right side, making every play. Chris Ryan also had two big hits. Isiah Villareal started and pitched three innings allowing 3 runs. He was removed in the 4th with no outs after walking a batter. He had command problems and showed up to the game late. Logan Coker came in and walked or struck out the next 5 batters getting out of the jam. Alex Ruiz called for an intentional walk to pitch to the Lobos catcher. It payed off as Coker struck him out. Coker pitched two more scoreless innings striking out 4 without problems. The Apollos blew the game open in the 5th taking a 10-3 lead. Mike Wilson pitched the 7th. And the Apollos took a 12-3 lead into the 8th the rules state run rule of 8 after 7 innings. It took the umpires 5 minutes and some advanced calculations but they finally figured 12 minus 3 = 9 giving the Apollos the win. As usual the Lobos change their uniforms, this year from their awesome San Diego Padre uniforms to Maroon and Tan due to high number of Ven. players on their team

Game 3 Apollos 3 Outkast 1
Isiah Villareal pitched 7 innings striking out 5 and getting a solid defensive effort only allowing 1 run, 3 hits and 3 walks. Mike Wilson pitched two scoreless innings for the win...Unfortunately the Apollos had absolutely no offense. Andrew Dunn lead the game off with what should have been an inside the park home run but settled for a triple and scored on Manny Lujan's check swing to the pitcher. The Apollos failed to score another run until the 8th inning when Jon Tinker singled and got picked off 2nd. Andrew Dunn walked stole 2nd and Ryan Ondrey laid down an excellent bunt moving Dunn. Manny Lujan flew out to the 2nd baseman. Andrew Dunn tested him, tagging up and scoring the winning run. the 2nd baseman took his time to get the ball in and it was too late. Alex Ruiz doubled in Ondrey and Mike Wilson got thrown out at third base as he could only hobble in. The story was the terrible hitting of the Apollos. in the 7th the Apollos loaded the bases with no outs. Marcus Haidley struck out and Chris Ryan grounded into a home to first double play ending their best chance until the 8th. Mike Wilson reached base all 5 times with 2 hits and three walks. The Apollos struck out 10 times as a team numerous times at the bottom of their order. Both teams had to battle the sprinkler system of the MacGregor Park combined with 50 degree weather and 15 mph winds. The sprinklers were on during the 1st 6 innings of the game rotating from infield to outfield.
Game 2 Indios 10 Houston Apollos 7
Kurt Parker surrendered 7 runs to the Indios in 4 innings. He allowed 12 hits and had 7 walks in 4 innings. Mike Wilson made his season debut and stormed to the bullpen claiming he could pitch better than this guy with one leg. He did, he pitched two innings allowing 1 run and walked one batter. Chris Ryan came on to pitch two scoreless innings. Justin Ard pitched the 9th allowing one run. Kurt struggled and attempted to strike out every batter and often had two strikes but the Indios hitters are tough with metal bats. Of their 16 team hits they only had 1 double. Offensively the Apollos were in a huge hole down 7-0 in the third inning. Talks of a shutout ended when going into the 5th inning down 9-0 the Apollos scored 5 runs and left the bases loaded. The Apollos got the score 9-7 but never got over the top, it was not a great day for any of the Apollo hitters.
Game 1 Apollos 14 Baytown 6
The Apollos used metal bats for the first time since May and the offense responded. The Apollos started the game with 4 straight hits and took a 3-0 lead. Roy Sanchez hit a bases loaded double driving in three runs. AJ Fuentes hit a double scoring two more. Manny Lujan had 4 rbi's. Andrew Dunn scored 4 runs with a triple and three walks. Chris Ryan walked 3 times. Matt Brockman started and pitched 6 innings allowing 5 runs. He walked 8 batters but pitched well. Alex Sample attempted to come in and finish out the game, but he couldn't get anyone out. Chris Ryan had to get the last two batters out and preserve the run rule and end the game.