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Game 7 Playoff Game 2
Apollos 19 Nationals 4
Manny Lujan and Ryan Riva lead the Apollos by reaching base 11 times between them and playing excellent middle defense. Lujan a record tieing six times in one game three hits and three errors he scored three runs. Ryan Riva reached on three hits and two walks. Riva had a key 2 rbi single in the 5th. Kyle Spangler and Justin Ard each hit towering home runs, Justin Ard's was a grand slam, Andrew Dunn lead the game off with a homer. When the Apollos arrived at their elimination game with the winner of Nationals/Yucatan to find a sloppy muddy field barely playable and thus eliminating their running game. The Apollos switched into full slugging mode and with some Nationals mistakes the Apollos put the game away in the 5th inning. Mike Wilson started the game throwing 4 innings allowing one run. Scuba Steve came in only to load the bases without getting an out. Kyle Spangler relieved him and threw two scoreless innings to end the game. The Apollos advanced in the losers bracket tournament and face a very difficult doubleheader next weekend.
Game 6 Playoff Game 1
Red Sox 11 Apollos 7
The Apollos sent Alex Sample to the mound and he allowed 3 runs in the first inning on 3 walks a hit and an error and then a homer to begin the 2nd inning before he was quickly removed. With the Apollos down 4-0 in the bottom of the 2nd Mike Maclaguhlin entered but he allowed 3 runs on two hits and two errors before leaving the game after one inning. Kyle Spangler entered in the 3rd and threw three innings striking out 6 and dominating Red Sox Hitters. The Apollos pulled back into the game at 7-5 after Spangler's 2 rbi double and a stolen base with the ball thrown into centerfield scored another run. Tim Brown hit a double and scored on a wild throw to make it 7-5. Andrew Dunn relieved Spangler in the 6th allowing a run, pitched a scoreless 7th and the Apollos clawed back in the 8th to make it 8-7 with Manny Lujan and Kyle Spangler hitting. The Red Sox scored three runs in the bottom of the 8th on a bothced double play, a solid double and a pass ball to put the score at 11-7. The Apollos struck out in order in the ninth Brown, Denson, and Cosgriff to end the game. Alex Sample set the tone gathering both Liga Iberra losses for the Apollos and putting them in a hole despite having decent stuff he isn't a proven starter. The Apollos played the game without 3 game winner Mike Wilson who traveled to the Valley for the weekend.
Game 5 Baytown 18 Apollos 0
Alex Sample started and threw 3 really good innings allowing 3 runs only one earned and striking out 4. In the 4th inning he failed to get an out and gave up 4 runs. Brandon Hutson relieved him in a 7-0 game and allowed 11 runs in two innings. The Apollos were saving their other pitching for their HMABL opener on Monday Night and could have kept it closer. The Apollos will give Baytown a better game in the playoffs should the two meet again. The biggest problem of the day was the offense was blanked. Tim Brown, Anthony Covent and Justin Ard had the only hits. In what will turn out to be the worst lost in team history and the third shutout. Despite the game not counting against the Apollos in playoffs and being a shortend 7 inning game. And for the first time in recent history when the Apollos lined up to take the field their oppononent was clearly better in all aspects of the game. Baytown has solid hitting 1-9, a good defense anchored by veteran Johnny Cruz and the two best pitchers in the city in Tim Ramon/Sonny Garcia and depth in their bullpen. The Apollos will enter the playoffs next week.
Game 4 Apollos 16 Red Sox 15
The Apollos made their first team appeareance at De Leon Park and it turned into a three and half hour marathon in which the Apollos outlasted the Red Sox. Anthony Covent, Mike Wilson and Kyle Spangler lead the way for the Apollos. Anthony had three hits and two sacrifice ground outs to end the day with 5 rbi's including a key game changing two run homer in the 7th inning and Anthony scored the winning run and Tommy Denson's bloop hit in the 9th. Mike Wilson went 3-4 with two runs and two doubles. Kyle Spangler hit a fly ball that went over the right field fence for a 1st inning 3 run homer. The Apollos continue to score runs at a record pace but with marginal pitching victories may not continue. In the bottom of the 1st the Apollos scored 7 runs on an Andrew Dunn walk, Wilson double, Justin Ard single, tommy Denson walk and Spangler 3 run homer. But the pitching staff had other ideas. Sonny Terrazas started for the Apollos throwing 4 innings walking 10 batters allowing 9 runs and throwing 174 pitches in 4 innings. It seemed he went 3-2 to every single hitter in every at bat, and one batter had a 16 pitch at bat fouling off 9 pitches. Andrew Dunn came on the relieve Sonny in 5th after Terrazas allowed his 2nd home run. Dunn threw 4-2/3 inning walking 5 striking out 5 allowing 6 runs. Dunn could not finish the game bringing in Alex Sample to close out the game. Dunn left with the score 16-14 and two outs and the bases loaded. True to form Sample walked the first batter to bring the score to 16-15 then the next hitter hit a bounding line drive that 2b Dane Yelovich jumped up in the air and caught to end the game. Sonny Terrazas made the key play in left field throwing out a guy at the plate on a sac fly attempt to hold the Red Sox scoreless in the 8th. The Apollos broke a team record by walking 16 batters.
Game 3 Apollos 10 Nationals 2
The Apollos debuted the 2007 year at Schwartz Park with a 10:00 showdown with the Nationals. The Apollos sent Mike Wilson to the mound in hopes of keeping their winning ways going. Wilson did not dissapoint throwing 5 innings striking out 9 batters while walking 4. The Nationals starting pitcher was very solid allowing 3 runs in 3 innings while striking out 4 and keeping the Nationals in the game. He was removed in the 4th inning and the Apollos scored 6 runs in the 5th lead by Tommy Denson's bases loaded, bases clearing double. Justin Ard made his debut at shortstop making several good plays despite going hitless. Sonny Terrazas threw 2 innings allowing one run and got a base hit. Anthony Covent continued his hitting streak with a key rbi single early in the game.
Game 2 Apollos 14 Cardinals 2
The Apollos jumped to a 3-0 first inning lead on an Andrew Dunn double and a two run home run by Manny Lujan and added two more runs in the 2nd on consective hits by Andrew Dunn, Mike Wilson and Dane Yelovich. And after being held scoreless in the third the Apollos scored two more in the 4th and then broke the game open in the 5th with 7 runs including a bases loaded double by Mike Wilson. Wilson finished for 4 rbis and two hits. Dane Yelovich and Andrew Dunn added three hits a piece..Mike Wilson pitched 5 innings allowing only two hits and walking 7 for the win for the Apollos..This ends the 2006 calender year for the Apollos in what might be the most successful season in team history.
Game 1 Apollos 7 Lobos 4
With 40 degree weather and 20 mile per hour winds the Apollos were officially welcomed to the Deleon League at Aldine Nimitz High School for a 10:00 game with historical DeLeon power the Lobos. Tommy Denson's bases clearing single in the 7th inning gave the Apollos a 7-4 lead that they would not give up. Anthony Covent had 3 hits and 4 rbi's getting key hit after key hit. Mike Wilson scored three runs with two hits and two stolen bases. Andrew Dunn stole 4 bases with two runs and threw a runner out at third base. Chris Ortiz was hitless in his Apollo debut but played well defensively. Mike Wilson took to the mound and gave a very strong performance. He went all 9 innings striking out 6 batters walking only 2. Mike relied on his defense to get outs, But the Lobos kept in this game despite only getting 5 hits. Wilson walked the first two batters in the 5th before giving up a hit to plate the runs. In the 6th the Lobos took the lead as the damage was done by the Lobos catcher who hit a two run homer after Wilson surrendered a hit. The Apollos have had more than 5 players who have played for the Lobos at one time or another and many times it was debated who would win the game if these two would ever meet.
The Apollos joined the DeLeon Baseball League of Northeast Houston to face some of Houston's best pitching. The Apollos hope to be competitive in all games and make the adjustment to the league shortly. All Games are in North East Houston and begin at 10:00 AM on Sunday Morning.