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Game 4 Hattiesburg Black Sox 13 Apollos 12 (Extra Innings 10)
For the 2nd year in a row the Apollos faced the Black Sox in the Championship Game and in the 2nd year they lost the game by one run. The Sox had a solid lefty of their own, if the 5th inning the Apollos scored 4 runs breaking out to 5-1 lead. This year the Apollos sent Mike Bynum to hill to start he threw 2 solid innings allowing 1 run. Kyle Spangler then threw 1 scoreless inning. Jeremy Powell pitched 3 innings allowing 5 runs. The Sox held a 6-5 lead, the Apollos went to Keyshawn Reed in the 7th the Sox scored 3 more runs and had a 9-5 lead going into the 9th. The Apollos got consective hits from Andrew Dunn, Mike Wilson, Keyshawn Reed and David McSheny and had 2 outs with 2nd and 3rd and trailed by 9-8. McChensey scored on a passed ball to tie the game. Jeremy Powell popped up to the infield, Victor Franklin and Joe Carter Struck out to leave the opportunity stranded. Reed shutout the Sox in the 9th, leaving the top of the Apollo lineup in the 10th, Dunn singled, Wilson doubled off the fence. David McChensey hit a line drive to right field, Spangler doubled by the end of the rally the Apollos had 12-9 lead. Keyshawn Reed walked the first hitter the next hitter singled. Then the Apollos got an out in CF, a ground ball out that should have been a double play one netted one out. Still the Apollos lead 12-10 with two outs. Then the key play of the game occured, Reed then got a routine ground ball to Victor Franklin who was playing third base. Victor threw the ball in the ground Jeremy Powell couldn't come up with long hop and the ball got past him...The next hitter singled ending the game. Despite Mike Wilson's 5-6 with 4 doubles, Kyle Spanglers 3-6 with 1 homer, Andrew Dunn's 4 hits, Alex Ruiz reaching base 4 times, David McChensey's 3 hits, the Apollos lost the game. Infield defense again makes the difference in this level of baseball, no different was today. Game 3 Baton Rouge 15 Apollos 9
This game didn't matter in the standings so the Apollos saved their pitching, starting Alex Sample. Sample failed to help the cause hitting 9 batters, Andrew Dunn and Victor Franklin split the rest of the game, with Alex Sample catching. Victor Franklin hit a two run homer and Mike Wilson had 3 hits. Game 2 Apollos 20 Shreveport 2
Robert Fontenot went the distance for the Apollos throwing 7 innings, allowing the Apollos offense time to wake up. Shreveport ran out of pitching being their 3rd game of tournament. Game 1 Apollos 20 Jackson Twins 5
With Jackson winning their opener the winner of this game made the championship game. The Apollos sent Mike Wilson to the hill for 3 innings. This was Jackson's 3rd game of tournament and Apollos 1st. The game was tight through the 3rd inning deadlocked at 2-2. the Apollos scored 10 runs in the 4th inning lead by Andrew Dunn's 4 consective hits and wilson's grand slam. The Apollos were able to pull Wilson but never were able to use him again in tournament. Alex Sample gave up 3 runs in an inning. Andrew Dunn pitched a scoreless 7th