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Championship Game
Apollos 19 Westchase Express 3
Mike Wilson pitched the championship game for the Apollos for the 13th time and for the 13th time the Apollos won. Wilson was slightly aided by the 19 runs the Apollos scored. The Apollos stole 13 bases which was a team record. Wilson went 3-3 at the plate with two walks and 4 rbi's. A tight championship game strike zone lead Westchase's starter to walk 4 batters in the first inning allowing 4 runs. In the 2nd inning the Apollos plated 5 more runs. In the third it would be 4 more runs. Wilson got roped around in the 3rd inning for three runs, he pitched 5 innings, Alex Sample threw two scoreless innings and Keyshawn Reed finished the season off. This ended the most eventful Spring in Apollos history. Despite being swept by the Metro Astros and losing championship game in New Orleans, the Apollos would have had a perfect Spring, Mike Wilson was named MVP, Tim Brown turned in the best offensive season on the team. The disaster with San Antonio MSBL caused the Apollos to use a record 41 players for Spring Season.
Playoff Game 1 Apollos 7 Friendswood Bengals 0
Mike Wilson threw 6 innings, striking out 8 with 0 walks to terminate the Bengals Offense. Alex Sample threw one inning striking out the side and Ethan Brown held the shutout intact throwing 2 innings striking out 2...Ethan was the only Apollos pitcher to issue a walk. This was the 2nd consective nine inning game played by the Apollos under time limit. Tim Brown single handed carried the Apollos offense. With 2 triples and a double and a walk, he scored three runs and drove in another and stole 3 bases. He continues his wooden bat terror. Horacio Ramirez had two key doubles. Andrew Dunn, Mike Wilson Keyshawn Reed and Brian Harrison combined to go 1 for 16. The Bengals starter Jeremy Powell only walked two batters. The game was deadlocked at 0-0 in the third when Powell Walked Keyshawn Reed who stole 2nd and scored on Brown's rbi triple. Brown scored on Horacio infield error. The big blow then occured with Daniel Nava doubled in two runs, followed by a hit from Larry, pinch hitter Ethan Brown continued with a single, leaving the score 4-0. Brown and Horacio scored two more runs in the 7th on back to back doubles securing the game.

Game 9 Apollos 5 Westchase Express 2
This was only the 2nd game in Coastal Baseball this season to go 9 innings within time limit both defenses were spotless and pitchers threw strikes. Brian Harrison lead the way for the Apollos with 3 runs from the 9 hole in a tight game, he walked twice and singled, he stole 3 bases... Sample threw 3 solid innings, Buegler threw 3 scoreless innings, Ryan Frantz three 2 innings allowing 1 run, and Keyshawn Reed threw the 9th for a save. This marks the end of the regular season and the Apollos are regular season champions by percentage points despite getting swept by Metro...
Game 8 Apollos 7 Expos 0
Luke Cowan threw 4 innings of shutout ball, pitching to contact and letting the Expos roll over and get themselves out. Ethan Brown pitched 4 innings striking out 7 hitters. The Apollos didn't hit so well
Game 7 Apollos 7 Bengals 5
This game was played at Coastal Park with winds blowing straight out to CF at 30-35 MPH. Amazingly the Apollos offense was dead. They strung together a 4 run third inning. Mainly on Andrew Dunn's ground ball back the pitcher that was thrown down the right field line scoring two runs with two outs. Daniel Nava, Drew Schiesser and Luke Cowan had consective hits followed by Jesse's failed bunt attempt. The 6th the Apollos struck again when Andrew Dunn hit a double play ball at the first baseman, the ball was thrown into left field scoring another run. Mike Wilson pitched 5 brilliant innings he botched a come backer allowing 2 runs to score. Jesse DeLeon pitched to one hitter in 6th before leaving due to arm soreness. Matt Warren came on for another solid pitching performance and the save.
Game 6 Apollos 7 Arizona Sun 2
The Apollos and Sun battled on a Saturday afternoon where both teams were short offensively..Andrew Dunn threw a complete game going six innings with 12 strikeouts, scattering 5 walks and 3 hits. He got a key double play in the 5th and picked a runner off in the 6th. Only Tim Brown and Andrew Dunn were regular Apollo players in this game, 4 of the starters were from lowly Midtown Mets. All 4 of these men played brillantly. Dunn tripled to lead the game off and the Apollos got 3 in the first and the game was never in question.
Game 5 Metro Astros 10 Apollos 5
The Apollos again failed to get players to come to a weekday game. Phillip Farmer gave us 5 runs in 1 inning and the Astros got out of jams to win 10-5, the game was close..The Apollos lacked their hitters. Metro Astros continued to hit well. The Metro Astros have beaten the Apollos more than any opponent. Metro Astros also swept the Apollos for the first time ever in regular season.
Game 4 Houston Apollos 7 Westchase Express 4
Alex Ruiz carried the Apollos with a huge bases loaded double..things looked like a certain disaster for the Apollos. Westchase brought Andy Watson in to pitch and was completely dominiating the Apollo lineup, striking out 6 of the first 9 hitters with ease...The Apollos countered with Jesse DeLeon who pitched great as well.. However the Apollos were low on outfielders and in the 3rd inning, John Buegeler was attempting to play right field. The leadoff hitter flyout, however the ball hit John in the hand. Jesse gave up a single...Then the next hitter hit another fly ball in right field Buegeler decided to try to jump at and rolled around in the Coastal outfield while Westchase scored all 3 runs..John was remove from right field in the middle of the inning. Westchase added another to go up 4-0 and looked to bury the Apollos. In the bottom of the 4th with two outs Jesse DeLeon, Andrew Dunn and Austin Sanders walked and Alex Ruiz hit a huge double in the gap clearing the bases, Horacio Ramirez then singled in courtesy runner Guy Faith at the plate. This left the game tied. In the bottom of the 7th the Apollos struck gold... Andrew Dunn walked stole 2nd, Austin Sanders grounded out. Alex Ruiz got hit in the ankle. Then with Andrew Dunn stealing third Horacio Ramirez hit a chopper to third, the 3rd baseman bobbled allowing all runners to be safe. Jonny Herrera then reached on an error to shortstop allowing the winning run to score. Guy Faith singled in another run and another run came in on a passed ball. The Apollos managed just 5 hits but really played a good game considering circumstances. Jesse did not come close to allowing another run.

Game 3 Metro Astros 11 Apollos 5
The Apollos and Astros were scheduled to play at 7:00 PM at Clemens, None of the three Apollo pitchers arrived before 7:15 and this was unrecoverable hole... With no starters ready Andrew Dunn started and walked the first three batters of the game. Jesse DeLeon showed up with bases loaded an no outs, he was not ready to pitch and gave up several hits.. Jesse pitched to 5 hitters before coming out after not being ready to pitch. Mike Wilson came on and got the last out of the first inning, The Apollos were down 7-1. Mike Wilson hit a three run homer to leave the score 7-5, but the key play in game was a double play ball went right through Jesse DeLeon's legs allowing the score to goto 9-5. The Astros continued to hit leaving the score 11-5. The Apollos never got going and the Astros pitchers were throwing strikes for the most part. After the game the city instructed the league not to start games before 7:30 which will help Apollos in Future. Marcus Moore came in with the score 8-5 and gave up 3 more runs
Game 2
Apollos 7 Almeda Expos 0
Andrew Dunn, Mike Wilson and Jesse DeLeon combined to shutout the Expos, Dunn 3 ip 7k, wilson 1 inning allowed the only 2 hits of the game 1k, 1 double play. DeLeon 3 innings/4k. Offensively things were dead for the Apollos. Only scoring 3 runs in 5 innings before breaking the game open off Expos Bullpen. Kevin Hall had a 2 run double that iced the game, Tim Brown had a double, Andrew Dunn had two hits. This was Apollos debut for Horacio Martinez the long time Mexican catcher stuggled at the plate with a wooden bat, but called an excellent game
Game 1 Apollos 7 Friendswood Bengals 3
The Apollos sent Jessie De Leon to the mound as their opening day starter vs the Bengals...After a wild first inning he settled down and pitched well for the Apollos, in 6 innings he allowed 3 runs and struck out 7 batters. Tim Brown continued to lead the Apollos with 3 hits 4 rbi's and 2 runs. Austin Sanders had a key two out bases loaded single that scored 2 runs... The Apollos 6-7-8 hitters struck out 9 times and reached base only once in the game. Phillip Farmer played excellently drawing two walks and getting a key bunt hit. Mike Wilson went 0-4 in his opener and pitched 1/3 of an inning. Andrew Dunn had two hits and pitched 2/3 of an inning.