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Rocktown Baseball Tournament Rockport Texas 2004.

Pictures here
The Apollos went to the Rockport tournament and finished in 2nd place to the Corpus Christi Pirates.
Game 3
Corpus Christi Pirates beat Apollos 9-8 in extra innings in Rockport Championship game...
The game was settled by a controversial Olympic Tiebreaker rule.. The Apollos jumped out to a 5-1 lead in the first inning, Sonny Terrazas grand slam provided the Apollos all they thought they would need for victory. Corpus would fight all the way back on the Apollos mainly based on Apollo errors and passed balls. They would tie the game at 5 in the 4th. Alex Dutka would then double in the left center gap and score on an error to give the Apollos a 7-5 lead. However Dutka made two errors in the bottom of the inning to let Corpus tie the game. The Apollos had two innings to score one run and win the game.. In the 6th and 7th inning The Apollos could not score a run. So after seven innings the game was tied at 7 and by pre determined format the game would decided by Olympic Tiebreaker format.

Olympic Tiebreaker format is as follows
  • Each team gets equal chance to score
  • You put your lasted batted out on second base
  • You have no outs
  • The team that scores more than the other team in the inning wins.
This was an obvious disadvantage for the Apollos they had their 7-8-9 batters up with their #6 hitter (Terrazas the worst baserunner in the history of the team) running..Plus the Apollos had many pitchers would could still pitch.. Corpus obviously only had the one guy and he was obviously near his end.
Corpus had 1-2-3 with a speed guy as their last batted out.. Several Apollos players wanted to halt the game but we proceeded. The leadoff hitter hit the first pitch into the gap for a double. Scudder would strikeout the side, but no before he threw two passed balls giving Corpus a two run lead. The Apollos scored one run in the bottom of the inning, but could not tie the game, thus Corpus was champions

The real story for Corpus was their pitcher (Albert Amaya 25) who threw 6 innings on Saturday and came back and threw 8 innings on Sunday. In an 8 inning game the Apollos set a team record with 9 errors.. Their pitchers also walked 7 batters... Amaya struck out 11 Apollo batters in 8 innings...
Game 2
Houston Apollos 5 Corpus Christi Pirates 1
Alex Dutka held a good Corpus team to one run, He pitched 5 innings and struck out 4. Matt Zajack scored two runs including his first hit as an Apollo. He also reached on an error. Andrew Dunn had two rbi singles. Will Wade also had two rbi hits. The Apollos had a huge 4th inning where they scored 4 runs. The Apollos get a bye to championship game because of their 2-0 record and win over the Pirates.
Game 1
Houston Apollos 6 Coastal Bend Aces 0.
Jon Scudder threw 4 shutout innings striking out 4 for the win. He also he a solo homer and had a sharp RBI single. The Apollos played with 9 players so Scudder had to hit and took advantage of it. Clifton Siems pitched the final two innings allowing no runs.